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Reforms and Nigerian Labour and Employment Relations

Perspectives, Issues and Challenges

edited by Dafe Otobo

This collections of papers, from twenty-seven chapters is on aspects of reforms and labour and employment relations in Nigeria over the past three decades:

  • The Idea of Reform – Professor Dafe Otobo
  • Industrial and Labour Issues in Policy Formulation – Hon Justice (Dr) Ben E. Kanyip
  • Regulatory instruments and industrial relations in Nigeria –Professor Ifeanyi P. Onyeonoru
  • Measuring the Democratic Rights of Nigerian Workers by International Standards – Associate Professor O.V.C. Okenne
  • Contemporary Developments in Human Resource Management: Implications for Performance Enhancement and Service Delivery in Nigeria’s Modern Sector – Professor Segun Matanmi
  • Bank sector recapitalisation: matters arising for labour and Nigerian society -  Dr Oluwatoyin Frederick Idowu
  • Pricing of Petroleum Products in Nigeria – Dr Peter I. Ozo-Eson
  • Economic reforms in Nigeria: an analysis of employment generation in telecommunication sector – Associate Professor Muhammed Muttaka Usman
  • Information communication technology, productivity of labour and the development of the Nigerian economy – Dr Chukwuemeka Ifegwu-Eke
  • Economic reforms, labour market institutions and poverty reduction in Nigeria – Associate Professor S.A. Abdulsalam
  • Response of organised labour to economic reforms in Nigeria – Professor Yusuf Noah
  • The trade union movement and the challenges of economic reforms in the emerging Nigerian economy – Associate Professor K.O. Kester, Associate Professor A.R. Bankole, Dr O.S. Samuel
  • Between rhetoric and action: the Nigerian working class and neo-liberal economic policies – Professor Funmi Adewumi
  • Host communities and businesses: implications for labour relations and human resource management – Professor Dafe  Otobo
  • On Unfair Labour Practices in the Oil and Gas Industry – NUPENG & Olawale Afolabi
  • Reforms, Industrial and Employment Relations in Nigeria: Perspectives, Issues and Challenges – Pengassan & Bayo Olowoshile
  • What about Industrial Relations? – Issa Aremu
  • Reforming Employment and Labour Relations in Nigeria – Dr Chris Obisi
  • Labour and Legal Challenges in Redundancy and some other Employment Practices in Nigeria – Professor Israel N.E. Worugji
  • Employment and Work Relations in University System in Nigeria – Professor Dafe Otobo
  • Human Resources Management in Nigerian Security Services – Professor Etannibi Alemika
  • Trade Unions and Industrial Relations Practice in the Health Sector – Baba Ayelabola
  • Feminist perspective of workers’ rights and labour standards in Nigeria – Dr Asikia Ige (nee Karibi-Whyte)
  • Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) in perspective – Ibrahim Wakawa
  • Current issues and trends in effective arbitration – Hon Justice (Dr) Ben B. Kanyip
  • Overview of the Trade Disputes Act and its application to trade disputes settlement in Nigeria – Hon Justice (Dr) Ben B. Kanyip
  • Constitutionalization of the status of the National Industrial Court of Nigeria: a panacea for Industrial Harmony? – Professor Offornze Amucheazi

ISBN 9789789497119 | 498 pages | 244 x 170 mm | 2016 | Malthouse Press, Nigeria | Paperback


eBook ISBN: 9789875477537



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