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Press Lake Varsity Girls

The Freshman Year

by Vivian Sihshu Yenika

Twelve-year-old Bridget and her friends are excited when they get admitted into one of the most prestigious boarding secondary schools in Kumba, Cameroon. Passing exams is the least of their worries. But surviving the new academic and social culture with hormone driven adolescent boys and unscrupulous seniors remain a challenge. Can the ground rules for survival Bridget and her new girlfriends adopt protect them from the threats they face constantly from the seniors, teachers and the adults in the local community? Can they handle all the distractions in addition to the changes their pubescent bodies are undergoing?

ISBN 9789956615490 | 112 pages | 203 x 127 mm | 2009 | Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon | Paperback



"“Press Lake Varsity   tells a refreshing story about growing up and attending boarding school in the South West Province of Cameroon. Yenika’s depiction of the complex relationships between daughters, girlfriends and parents is both humorous, and hauntingly realistic.”

Dr. Elizabeth Bifuh Ambe, University of Massachussetts, Lowell, USA



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