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Prayer of the Powerless

by N Egudu

This is a substantial collection of some ninety poems from the early sixties to the present day. Versions of many of them have previously appeared in anthologies and journals such as Okike: an African Journal of New Writing, FESTAC, and Black Orpheus. Eguda speaks about and on behalf of the dispossessed, and embraces themes such as silence and silent protest in politics, the lost art of traditional living, unfair social advanatage and the rule of power against justice and human rights. The title poem is a plea to the god of (good) governance for the disarmament of corruption - those who 'crucify services on civil crosses' - and for the empowerment of those who protest.

ISBN 9789781564659 | 132 pages | 203 x 127 mm | 2002 | Fourth Dimension Publishing Company, Nigeria | Paperback




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