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Pfungwa Dzinovhima Vadiwa

Thoughts Hunt The Loves

by Jeton Kelmendi

Thoughts Hunt The Loves is a selection of Jeton Kelmendi’s 54 poems which come from his two collections, Thoughts Hunt The Loves and I Knocked My Mind Against The Window, which were translated into Southern Africa’s biggest language, Shona. The original poems are in Albanian. It has poems that are as deep as the ocean’s bottom, philosophical ruminations, old wise insights, patriotic dreams, a love stage as high as the heavens, ruminations about the war, living in exile and the constant ache, or drive to want to unite his country Albania to be one country...; his poems are panoply of feelings, thoughts, reservations, residues that are brought up for us to devour in, in this magnificent collection.

ISBN 9781779064905 | 184 pages | 210 x 148 mm | 2019 | Mwanaka Media and Publishing, Zimbabwe | Paperback




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