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Perspectives in Curriculum Studies

by Martha M. A. Zama, Margaret Nalova Endeley

Perspectives in Curriculum Studies by Margaret Nalova Endeley and Martha Ashuntantang Zama is a comprehensive textbook for graduate students of Curriculum Studies and Instruction, and a guide for education practitioners wherein they articulate contemporary curriculum concepts, principles and applications in the field. With illustrations from informed African perspectives, the authors situate curriculum theory and practice in local contexts so that African scholars, educators, and others may be equipped with knowledge and skills to develop and maintain appropriate and relevant curricula for quality education. Framed in sixteen chapters, grouped in five parts, the text begins with the exposition of basic terminology, curriculum theory and foundations of the curriculum before delving profoundly into the curriculum development process. The latter portion gives the reader the opportunity to explore, analyse and evaluate different curriculum planning approaches and models, curriculum design dimensions and patterns, and procedures for the development of syllabuses, textbooks, and other curriculum materials. Also, Curriculum implementation tasks as well as strategies for evaluation of programs and courses are presented and discussed. Since curriculum and instruction are highly intertwined notions, instructional design is elaborately treated in two chapters bringing out its theoretical underpinnings and procedures. The book closes with global perspectives of curriculum development in practice. The goal here is to provide insights into trends, issues, and challenges not only in curriculum development but also in the curriculum field, which should generate action towards the improvement of curriculum practice and spur the search for new knowledge.

ISBN 9781942876823 | 336 pages | 235 x 191mm | 2021 | Spears Media Press, Cameroon | Paperback



“… in writing this book, the authors seek to reinvigorate a qualitative system of education and training based on promoting contents and practices with African core values. The well-researched volume provides valuable resources for developing education stakeholders most especially curriculum specialists, teacher educators, teachers and education researchers. I hail their industry.”

Theresa M.S. Tchombe, PhD, Emeritus professor and Honorary Dean, UNESCO Chair of Special needs education, University of Buea

“As an educationist myself, I was familiar with the concept of curriculum before I read this book, but Margaret and Martha explain it in an intriguing and simplified format, driving home key concepts like the foundations of the curriculum, curriculum development process, and instructional design. Illustrations in the book cut across developed and developing countries. This book is a must-read for curriculum developers and practicing educators in order to avoid the errors of the past. Again, this is a must read whether you have just begun curriculum studies or you are an experienced guru in this domain. The depth to which the authors have dissected this topic of curriculum indicates that they are fast joining the leading authorities in this field.”

Nelson Ngoh, M.Sc., PhD, Professor of Science Education, University of Bridgeport, CT, USA



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