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Passion for Africa

Missionary and Imperial Papers on the Evangelisations of Uganda and Sudan, 1848-1923

by Mario Cisternino

Developments in Egypt and the Sudan are significant for an understanding of modern Ugandan history, yet there is a considerable gap in the historical literature. This monumental study, now translated from Italian to English, is a study of the Verona Fathers and Sisters, now known as the Combonians and Comboni Sisters, and of their passionate efforts to covert Africans living in what are today southern Sudan and northern Uganda to Christianity.

The book is relevant on many levels: as a contribution to the historical understanding of the interactions between the peoples of northern Uganda and the southern Sudanese with Christian missionaries; as a study of the British administration's influence in the new Ugandan protectorate of the 1890s; and as a historical consideration of the interrelations between Sudan and Egypt from the time of Napoleon's invasion of Egypt at the close of the eighteenth century, to Muhammad Ali's invasion and exploitation of Sudan in the first part of the nineteenth century to the inauguration of the Anglo-Egyptian Condominium over Sudan in 1898.

ISBN 9789970024209 | 691 pages | 229 x 152 mm | 2004 | Fountain Publishers, Uganda | Paperback




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