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Paradise of Love and Pain

by Kehbuma Langmia

Ellen Peng straddles two inescapable complexities in her young life and family – her status as the first born and role model for her younger siblings and her very complicated relationship with her mother, Lydia who’s chosen to jeopardize her own future and that of her entire family. Lydia orchestrates the death of her husband in order to accommodate Tom, a younger, able-bodied and attractive lover in her life. Her insatiable epicurean lifestyle, coupled with her longing for self-aggrandizement make up the ingredients for her atrocious choices. How would Ellen respond to Tom and Lydia’s cat and mouse games that potentially, could lead to abysmal psycho-social suffering for the family and the larger community?

ISBN 9781942876847 | 166 pages | 216 x 140mm | 2021 | Spears Media Press, Cameroon | Paperback



“Paradise of Love and Pain is a remarkably captivating story by a writer with an impressive depth for narrative storytelling that rewards the reader with a story that will stay in their memory long after they are done reading.  Set in fictional city of Yoda, Cameroon, the novel is a drama that transcends period and culture involving family, romance, relationships, pain, culture, and spirituality. From the very first page, you are drawn into the drama as layers of a family’s love, lies, secrets, and betrayal are artfully peeled away page after page. As the narrative plays out it expresses an important message about the consequences of the choices we make. The novel highlights how a single random encounter can influence the trajectory of so many lives. Paradise of Love and Pain comes with so many welcome surprises."

Oneurine Awantu, PhD, The ICT University

“This story delicately straddles the razor-thin subtlety between complex human emotions, deftly exploring the very different cuts made by the two-sided, double-edged love-hate, anger-joy, ecstasy-crime manifestations of human emotions. The text weaves a troubling tapestry of some of the darkest tribulations of the human condition at their most complex. The rapidity with which the writer packs one cascading and horrendous dramatic event after another, perhaps underscores the proliferation of these issues in society and, arguably, the nonchalance that accompanies how they are addressed. It also underscores the writer’s intention to force the reader to cock ears and reassess all familial, conjugal and human relations which make up the fabric of our collective humanity. The reader is left pining for further exploration of the contours of each dark and troubling circumstance to truly unpack what is left unsaid in the narrative’s rear view. Langmia is not afraid to confront gruesome circumstances to which most African writers usually do not take their readers. Hang tight…this read will force you to sit straight on your mat!”

Beatrice Epwene, PhD, Penn State University

“Paradise of Love and Pain is a depiction of real life drama prevalent in and outside the church in today's society, featuring stories of romance between married couples and pastors, something society frowns on, yet it happens everywhere, everyday. If you ever wondered what happens when tradition and modernity clash, you should read this novel.”

Gabby Njinimbot, E-JD, Author of How to Turn Small Resources into Big Dreams



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