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Outward Evil Inward Battle

Human Memory in Literature

edited by Bill F. Ndi, Adaku T. Ankumah, Benjamin Hart Fishkin, Festus Fru Ndeh

This book is a timely humanistic touch to memory studies. It uses literature as a laboratory for the workings of the mind, and characters as the subjects of human experimentation and diagnostics. This book considers authors from different societies and historical periods. The book is a refreshing illumination on the functioning of human memory. It complements the work of neuroscientists who seek to rationalize the workings of the same. Drawing from various ideas on memory, this rich and authoritative volume results from wide-ranging endeavors centered on the common fact that tracking memory in literature provides an astounding vista of orientations covered in its separate chapters. The writers examined in the various chapters become mediums for unleashing memory and its reconfiguration into artistic images. The ten separate chapters investigate different aspects of memory in such memoric associations as power, music, resistance, trauma, and identity. It is therefore no surprise that the editors should consider this book as “a veritable menu for everything needed for an unforgettable memory banquet”.

ISBN 9789956790166 | 242 pages | 229 x 152 mm | 2013 | Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon | Paperback



“This book creates a marriage between two familiar and logical acquaintances, memory and Literature. I enjoyed the book’s interdisciplinary scope that positions literary studies in contemporary debates that help to highlight its breadth and not its limitations. Though memory studies or neurocriticism is fairly complex, this text provides discussions that help to make it accessible to a scholar at any level. [….] This is a necessary text that transitions and tempts its audience into understanding the means by which any narrative is produced or told.”

Dr. Tiffany Boyd Adams, Claflin University, USA



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