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Ordering the African imagination

Essays on Culture and Literature

by Tanure Ojaide

Tanure Ojaide is an award-winning writer, both creative and academic. This collection of his essays and lectures from over the past decade, addresses issues of culture and literature from a personal African perspective. The focus of this book is African culture and its imaginative productions in the arts, especially in literature. The author also examines the direction of African culture and its artistic creations in a global age.

The titles of the essays and lectures are: the challenges of the African writer today; African culture and the New World Order; nativity and the creative process: the Niger Delta in my poetry; African culture today; divine mentoring in poetry and its performance; self, myth and historical consciousness: an African writer's reflection; Nigerian literature in the 21st century: what direction?; whose English?: the African writer and the language issue; countering terror in the literary world: the example of activism; and anxieties and hopes: recent African poetry.

ISBN 9789780232047 | 184 pages | 216 x 140 mm | 2007 | Malthouse Press, Nigeria | Paperback



"The author, an accomplished scholar himself, writes beautifully and convincingly. He has vast experiences in Africa and in the United States where he is teaching literature. Although writing essentially about Nigerian literature, the issues raised by Ojaide are applicable with little, if any, modification to many African countries...Ordering the African Imagination is highly recommended for social scientists, literature scholars and creative writers in Africa."

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