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Nuptials At Vespers And Other Strains

by John Ngong Kum Ngong

Another exciting and confrontational poetry collection by the award-winning poet, John Ngong Kum Ngong. Nuptials At Vespers And Other Strains is his eighth collection of 44 poems. These poems particularly handle questions of identity, delineating the poet-persona's struggle to detach himself from the bard and be like any ordinary person in society. After a bootless tussle and a depression, he makes friends with the poet .Together they view their situation as a marriage and a prison full of pain, torture and suffering. They desire to end their affliction fighting together. There is a hint of regret, disappointment and even bitterness but the prevailing mood of love and concern spell hope in darkness.

ISBN 9789956792108 | 90 pages | 203 x 127mm | 2015 | Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon | Paperback




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