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Nothing Happens by Chance!

by Catherine de Waal

In this third book of the trilogy, Vivienne is now married to her artist, Ivor Murphy, and both are ready to settle down. Ivor continues teaching art to students and Vivienne always goes along.
Meanwhile, in Paris, her son, and his French wife, Mariette, have had a baby girl. Finding them matching outfits to wear for the upmarket wedding proves quite.a mission for Vivienne, whose endearing bohemian artist husband has no idea what it suitable in the fashion-conscious 'City of Lights'.
Showing their artwork in an exhibition indirectly leads to an offer to Ivor to purchase a shop in Main Street, in Kalk Bay. Ivor's decision leads up to a triumphant and satisfying ending to the charming trilogy.

ISBN 9781430900597  | 224 pages | 210 x 148mm | 2023 | umSinsi Press, South Africa | Paperback




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