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Not A Perfect Story

by Titi Kushimo

There is a zest for life, a capacity for learning and a deeply curious sensibility in the writings of Titi Kushimo. In this book, Not A Perfect Story, she renders an account of what it means to come of age in Nigeria as a woman. This is a generous offering of relatable personal experiences, Kushimo has succeeded in painting a chronicle of different life phenomena, that is the lived reality of many women and girls in the global South. Not a Perfect Story is a reminiscence of real life experiences that is bound to stir one's imagination.

ISBN 9789789913862 | 104 pages | 210 x 148mm | 2021 | Safari Books, Nigeria | Paperback



"For most Millennials and Gen Z, we share a common understanding that adulting is hard and nothing prepares us for the complexities of life. Like myself, many young people out there are dealing with imposter syndrome, anxiety, depression, fear of missing out and pressures to meet up to societal standards. It can be isolating living in a society where success is reduced to online recognition and living a facade of our true authentic self. The strength and vulnerability exemplified in this book is a reminder that perfection isn't a sprint but a continuous journey to becoming the best version of ourselves while positively touching lives. In this book, you'll find the most precise, powerful and practical examples to pursue your passion with purpose. I hope that every person reading this comes out feeling more dignified and empowered to redefine success on their own terms."

Victoria Ibiwoye Founder, One African Child



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