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Nigerian Copyright Law and Practice

Second Edition

by John O. Asein

Nigerian Copyright Law and Practice is unarguably the most comprehensive and authoritative text on the subject of copyright in Nigeria. Drawing from his broad experience in policy formulation, administration, legislative reforms and the teaching of copyright and building on extensive research across many jurisdictions, the author, in thirteen chapters, carefully distils a body of principles to set the path for Nigerian copyright jurisprudence. Although the full report of Nigerian cases which appeared as an appendix to the first edition is now being published separately as Nigerian Copyright Cases, this edition offers critical and insightful analysis of these cases. It also contains a complete set of the extant copyright statutes, including the 1911 and 1970 Copyright Acts, as well as subsidiary legislations many of which are not contained in the Laws of the Federation. It is therefore the most reliable compendium on Nigerian copyright law; an indispensable resource book for judges, lawyers, academics and researchers. Written in the author's characteristic lucid style, this book will also appeal to authors, policy makers and the general reader who has need for copyright knowledge. The book is complemented by an online resource centre at offering updates, additional research and teaching materials, a dynamic readers' forum with the opportunity of interacting online with the author.

ISBN 9789785149425 | 628 pages | 234 x 156 mm | 2012 | Books and Gavel Publishing, Nigeria | Paperback




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