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Nigeria Beyond Divorce

Amalgamation in Perspective

by Sam Momah

Most Nigerians, when they talk about Nigeria, will always refer to her with bubbling jingoism as 'giant of Africa' or 'our great nation, Nigeria' but fail to ask 'giant of what?' Goodness or Evil? Productivity or Consumption? Success or Failure? Meritocracy or Mediocrity? Hollowness or Substance? Capturing the "mood of the nation" this book offers diagnosis on the country which are broad-based, instructive and well presented. Part I outlines the developmental stages of Nigeria while Part II gives an in depth diagnosis of the major problems besetting Nigeria, following Part III gives examples of nations and leadership traits Nigeria could emulate.

ISBN 9789788431343 | 310 pages | 229 x 152 mm | 2013 | Safari Books, Nigeria | Paperback




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