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My First Time

Stories of Sex and Sexuality from Women Like You

by Jen Thorpe

As women, we all have a story within us about a sexual experience that was unforgettable. Perhaps it was incredible, earth shattering, life changing, and wonderful. Perhaps it wasn't romantic or pleasurable, but awkward, painful or forced upon us. Many of us have kept our experiences secret because, by exposing our stories, we expose ourselves and our feelings around sex. In My First Time, southern African women have shared their stories about their significant first time experiences of sex and sexuality. This is a collection of honest, powerful, and brave accounts. Some joyful, others funny and some heartbreaking, but all of them important for women, and hopefully men, to read. This is the perfect book for you to read to reflect on your own first times. This is the perfect book to share with your mother, sisters, and friends.

ISBN 9781920590048 | 176 pages | 203 x 133 mm | 2012 | Modjaji Books, South Africa | Paperback




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