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Motherhood: An Experience in the Ghanaian Context

by Elizabeth R. Tettey

There are differences in the meaning of motherhood from one society to another, and radical variations in ideas about conception, birth, child rearing and relationships between parents and children. In Ghanaian societies, traditionally, motherhood and a woman's place and status are intricately bound. There is a strong pro-natalist tendency, mothers of many children are highly regarded, whilst infertile women are stigmatised. Equally, having a child in the wrong circumstances adversely affects a woman's social profile. The book discusses the various social aspects of motherhood and argues that a higher regard for individual religious and cultural convictions and choices would improve our understanding of what having children means to women.

ISBN 9789964302801 | 88 pages | 216 x 140 mm | 2002 | Ghana University Press, Ghana | Paperback




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