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Moonlight Stories

by Remi Adedeji

Remi Adedeji is an esteemed Nigerian children's writer, and associate editor for Bookbird in Nigeria. She started writing story books for African children when she discovered that the only books available to African children were alien to African culture. Many of her stories are Nigerian folktales in which the tortoise features prominently; this new title in the Heinemann Frontline series is no exception. The volume contains ten short stories based upon ancient folk tales.The reader will learn how the oil palm got its nuts; why the vulture has no hair on his head; why the tortoise's back is cracked; and how the tortoise married the king's daughter.

ISBN 9789781292484 | 72 pages | 203 x 127 mm | 1999 | HEBN Publishers, Nigeria | Paperback




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