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Market Integration in Mozambican Maize Markets

by Zerihun Gudeta Alemu, Herman Daniel Van Schalkwyk

Maize is the staple food and principal cash crop in Mozambique. Production is dominated by small-holders who sell their surpluses to generate income. Southern Mozambique is a maize deficit region while the North is in surplus, therefore trade between these two areas has implications for food security in the country and is expected to accelerate economic development. This study attempts to measure the extent of market integration between major maize markets in Mozambique.

The study is organised into six chapters. Chapter One presents findings of the investigation into the dynamics and operation of informal maize markets in Mozambique. Chapter Two presents a brief overview of the methods used in the analysis of market integration and gives a review of international studies and studies specific to Mozambique on market integration. Chapter Three reviews agricultural policies in Mozambique and provides an overview of the maize markets in Mozambique. The methodology applied in the study in discussed in Chapter Four while Chapter Five presents a discussion of results from the econometric analysis. In conclusion, Chapter six provides a summary of the results of the market survey and on the basis of the econometric analysis forwards recommendations.

ISBN 9789994455263 | 116 pages | 244 x 170 mm | 2009 | OSSREA, Ethiopia | Paperback




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