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Law of Evidence in Nigeria

Practice and Procedure

by Simon Uchenna Ortuanya

The Evidence Act, 2011, repealed the old Evidence Act. In doing so, the new Act introduced some changes in the Law of Evidence. Ever since, there has been an urgent need for scholastic guidance, in the proper approach to the interpretation of the provisions embodying those changes. This is particularly so, as the courts have been issuing contradictory interpretations of these provisions.

In his new book, Law of Evidence in Nigeria: Practice and Procedure, the veteran author and urbane man of letters, Professor Simon Uchenna Ortuanya, masterfully plumbs the intention of the draft's persons of the Act. The result is a five-hundred-and-forty-page treatise of redoubtable erudition.

The succinct titles of the different chapters are quite captivating just as the logical presentations of ideas are very illuminating. The book bears the imprints of the erudite author's versatility in the Law of Evidence - a course he has taught, admirably, in two public universities years.

ISBN 9789785878950 | 454 pages | 233 x 178mm | 2022 | Malthouse Press, Nigeria | Paperback


eBook ISBN: 9789785972733


"Judges and Justices, Senior Advocates of Nigeria, Law Professors and sundry litigation lawyers should be truly enamoured of the enormous efforts here...Upon my intimate perusal of this excellent book, I am under obligation to commend it to all Justices of our appellate courts, Judges of disparate categories, law teachers and their students, and to one and all!"

Chima Centus Nweze, Ph.D., JSC, Life Bencher, FCIArb, Justices' Chambers, Supreme Court, Abuja, Nigeria.



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