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Lava Lamp Poems

by Colleen Higgs

ISBN 9781920397258 | 58 pages | 210mm x 148mm | 2010 | Modjaji Books, South Africa | Paperback



"The poems in Lava Lamp are compelling: at once conversational and uncanny. Colleen Higgs tells the truth but tells it slant, insisting on the singularity of everything that is familiar — domesticity, marriage, motherhood, family. The sequence of poems set in Johannesburg is captivating."

Finuala Dowling, Poet and creative writing teacher

"Alternating between the most economical of free verse and the most elastic of prose-poetry, Higgs shows a dazzling facility with both mediums. Her poems reach into the past, isolating long-gone moments and imbue them with talismanic significance. Humour runs through the collection like a glowing thread – from the gentle and affectionate ‘an ode to Perry’ to the utterly female satire of ‘on wanting a washing machine’ and ‘where these things lead’, to the dark undertow of ‘blaming Lulu’ and the bitter pill of ‘excuses’."

Fiona Snyckers – author of Trinity Rising and Trinity on Air



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