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L'appel de Sosu (Sosu's Call)

by Meshack Asare

Beautifully illustrated, this is the story of Sosu, a young boy who is disabled; Sosu cannot walk. He does not go to school or participate in the activities of the other children. But his life changes when he saves his village, which lies on a lagoon, from being destroyed by the sea. As the waters rise, Sosu begins drumming and alerts the people who are out fishing. He is rewarded for his heroism with a wheelchair, and so at last, goes to school. Winner of the 1999 UNESCO Prize for Children's and Young People's Literature in the Service of Tolerance, and listed as a top twelve title of Africa's 100 Best Books. (In French)

ISBN 9789988550486 | 37 pages | 140 x 250 mm | Colour Illustrations | 2002 | Sub-Saharan Publishers, Ghana | Paperback




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