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Language Attitude and Language Conflict in West Africa

by Herbert Igboanusi

This varied collection of essays explores the vast, complex and contentious subject of language in West Africa. The essayists adopt the perspective that languages - indigenous African and European - and the attitudes of their speakers are inseparable from social and historical identities and wider debates about political cultures. A major aspect of the work covers the attitudes of Nigerians of differing linguistic identities and social profiles to foreign languages vis-a-vis indigenous languages.

Other contributors examine the conflicts resulting from the situation of a multiplicity of languages - e.g. Igbo as internal conflict, against English as external conflict; language attitude in market transaction; and attitudes towards pidgin. One essay branches out into philosophies of cultural relativism, human communication and intercultural relations, presenting a critique of Anta Diop and Kwasi Wiredu. A final piece considers the utilisation of information for development in Nigeria, and cultural shock.

ISBN 9789783422544 | 228 pages | 216 x 140 mm | 2001 | Enicrownfit Publishers, Nigeria | Paperback




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