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Kálábárí Témétéín Ékwen

by Nimi Wariboko

Kálábári Témétéin Ekwen (Kalabari Poems) is a collection of poems on love, culture, and the traditions of the Kalabari people of Rivers State. Nimi Wariboko, in a sweeping variety of creative poetic styles, imageries, and performative languages, reveals the hidden depths of Kalabari existence, self-narratives, hopes and fears, and the social imaginary. A poet with deep knowledge of Kalabari history and culture, Wariboko's poetry reveals the vivacity of the people and their worldview. Kalábári Témétéin Ekwen displays the pragmatic, the philosophical, the multi-textured sensibility of Kalabari poetry. Wariboko captures the beautiful rhythm and structure—the sheer musicality—of the Kalabari language in his poems.

ISBN 9789786019475 | 96 pages | 216x140mm | 2024 | Noirledge Publishing, Nigeria | Paperback




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