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Jailed for Life

A Reporter's Prison Notes

by Kunle Ajibade

Wole Soyinka provides a foreword to this visceral account of a prominent newspaper editor's arrest, interrogation and imprisonment between 1995 and 1998 under the regime of Nigeria's military dictator Sanni Abacha. The author captures the loneliness and betrayal of political imprisonment and calls for collective responsibility to guard against tyrannical rulership. Both contemporary political, and journalistic issues are taken.

ISBN 9789781295591 | 228 pages | 203 x 127 mm | 2003 | HEBN Publishers, Nigeria | Paperback



"The extraordinary accounts of the author’s experience in prison make it difficult for one to put the book down. His first-hand descriptions of events provide readers with reliable eyewitness accounts of what other journalists, political critics and soldiers who were disliked by the regime went through in the prisons. The simple journalistic reportorial style of the book makes it easy to read. The book enriches the existing literature on press history and mass media censorship in Nigeria. Jailed for Life is strongly recommended for students of mass communication, political science, history, human rights organizations, national and international media organizations, scholars of press freedom and military studies, as well as journalists around the world".

Chris W. Ogbondah, University of Northern Iowa



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