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Iredi War

A Folkscript

by Sam Ukala

Iredi War was the winner of The Nigeria Prize for Literature 2014. The playwright introduces the notion of 'folk script' with its special stamp. The use of the oral literature genre allows for the full exploitation of the creative licence which allows for the swings from the historical to the oral, the natural to the supernatural, the real to the fantastic.

ISBN 9789789181599 | 102 pages | 216 x 140mm | 2014 | Kraft Books, Nigeria | Paperback



"The content is serious, the handling in quite mature. The events in the drama are re-anacted vividly and the craftsmanship is quite commendable. The narrative tradition is interwoven with action. The description of the event is in the linear order but eh interweave of narration and unfolding of events is quite refreshing."

The Nigeria Prize for Literature 2014



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