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Introduction to Optics

Geometrical, Physical and Quantum

by John S. Nkoma, Pushpendra K. Jain

The book introduces university undergraduates to the fascinating world of the science of light. Contemporary physics programmes are under increasing pressure to provide a balance between coverage of several traditional branches of physics and to expose students to emerging research areas. It is therefore important to provide an in depth introduction to some branches of physics, such as optics, to students who may not become professional physicists but will need physics in their chosen professions. Some Universities offer optics as semester courses while others offer it as modules within general physics courses in the degree programme. The book meets the needs of both approaches.

Optics has three major branches: Geometrical optics, Physical optics and Quantum optics. Chapter 1 is about the nature of light. Geometrical optics is covered in chapters 2 to 5, Physical optics in chapters 6 to 8, and Quantum optics in chapter 9, and lays a foundation for advanced courses in applied quantum optics.

The language of physics is universal, and the book is suited to students globally. However, the book recognises certain peculiarities in Africa, and is written to meet the specific needs of students in African Universities. Some students come from well equipped schools while other students come from less well equipped schools. These two groups of students attending the same course have different needs. The well prepared students need challenge, while the others need to be taught in fair detail. The book has therefore detailed discussions and explanations of difficult-to-grasp topics with the help of simple but clearly drawn and labeled diagrams. The discussions and conclusions are presented pointwise, and key words, definitions, laws, etc., are highlighted. There are a large number of problems and exercises at the end of each chapter.

ISBN 9789987083718 | 266 pages | 280 x 216mm | B/W Illustrations | 2019 | Mkuki na Nyota Publishers, Tanzania | Paperback




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