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In Pursuit of Freedom and Justice

A Memoir

by Cephas G. Msipa

"As I look back, I am happy that I have lived for so long".

It is a happiness shared by many: family members, friends and colleagues. Cephas Msipa's memoirs take us back to his birth in Zvishavane in 1931, and they reflect a life dedicated to the welfare of others and the development of his country. Following secondary education at Dadaya Mission, he worked as a teacher in Zvishavane and Kwekwe, where he was active in the Rhodesian African Teachers Association, before moving to Harare in 1958. It was a time of rising nationalism in the capital, and following the banning of the African National Congresss and its successor, the National Democratic Party, Msipa was a founding member of ZAPU, the Zimbabwean African People's Union. Thus began an engagement with national politics that would last until he was in his late seventies, furthering his education as a political detainee and, after independence had been won, serving as a deputy minister, minister and provincial governor. The narrative of his life follows the arc of Zimbabwe's history, and embraces the people and events that have shaped it. Beyond that, it is the story of a gentle, humorous, committed man who enjoyed a long and loving marriage and continues to fill his retirement with philanthropy and wide-ranging friendships.

ISBN 9781779222824 | 200 pages | 210 x 140mm | 2015 | Weaver Press, Zimbabwe | Paperback


eBook ISBN: 9781779223814



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