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In Praise of Hotel Rooms

by Fiona Zerbst

“Fiona Zerbst is one of the finest poets writing in South Africa today. In this, her fifth collection, she reflects on the notion of habitation – of human life as a series of sojourning moments. Her delicate evocations of complex relationships, landscapes and the lives of animals reveal a sensibility living in and through language. Crafted with precision and ingenuity, these poems never strain for effect. In Praise of Hotel Rooms shows Zerbst at the height of her poetic prowess.” David Medalie

ISBN 9781990936555 | 92 pages | 210 x 140mm | 2020 | Dryad Press, South Africa | Paperback



“Despite having a calm level-headedness about them, Fiona Zerbst’s poems carry seams of rich emotional resonance below the surface. Her clear regard for the tradition and the importance of shape and music – using cadence-generating tensions between freedom and form – results in a subtle layering of meanings and insights. In Praise of Hotel Rooms confirms Zerbst as one of the most important voices of her generation.”

Douglas Reid Skinner



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