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Humanities and Social Sciences in East and Central Africa

by Isaria N. Kimambo

This collection of seventeen papers focuses on the processes of social change engendered by the processes of globalisation in the developing world. They critically re-examine concepts and theories that are informing contemporary discourse, which, in the collective opinion of the contributors, is largely a discourse in which people are considered targets; and human processes, strategies and operations.

The book is divided into sections on: theoretical perspectives and dominant paradigms; democratic governance and the international environment; university governance and academic freedom; democracy and languages; and gender and human rights for children. Specific studies include: political science and 'paradigmatic shifts' in the social sciences in Africa; the teaching of dynamic political economy; rethinking democracy in the post-nationalistic state; teacing and researching public policy in contemporary African universities; the role of universities in achieving democratic governance; cost provision and the provision of university education in Uganda; language, identity and democracy;language policy and Kiswahili as the defining feature of democracy in Tanzania, mainstreaming gender in the humanities and social sciences disciplines, and child welfare in sub-Sahran Africa.

ISBN 9789976603811 | 282 pages | 216 x 140 mm | 2003 | Dar es Salaam University Press, Tanzania | Paperback




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