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History of the Church in Africa

A Survey

by Hildebrandt Jonathan

What is the truth concerning the origin of Christianity in Africa? Common beliefs are that it is a religion imported from Europe; a recently new arrival; and a largely discontinuous historical process. But whilst the great expansion of the Christian Church has undoubtedly taken place during the last 100 years, there is evidence to suggest that the origins lie deeper in the past. This book attempts to establish where, when and how Christianity first came to Africa. The narrative begins in the first century AD, thence traces the major movements of the Christian faith on the continent over the centuries, emphasizing the continuity of the development of the Church as a dynamic, worldwide faith.

Some specific topics covered include: the North African Church AD200-AD700; the Nubian and Abyssinian churches; the challenge of Islam; the slave trade, its end and renewed missionary activity; Portuguese missionary activity; Christian expansion in South Africa; the work of Samuel Crowther and David Livingstone; the scramble for Africa and the colonial period; political independence; and the development of the autonomous church.

ISBN 9780853523208 | 304 pages | 203 x 127 mm | B/W Illustrations and Maps | 1996 | Africa Christian Press, Ghana | Paperback




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