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Historical Reflections on Kenya

Intellectual Adventurism, Politics and International Relations

by Macharia Munene

This book thematically tackles issues that relate to the perpetual struggle between the forces of control and the forces of mental and intellectual liberation in Africa and Kenya in particular. The book addresses the colonial legacy of poverty creation, as well as the socio-political conditioning of Africans to dislike each other and to be irresponsible and disunited in the face of external threats. Poverty, hatred of other Africans, and excessive dependency on European powers can be traced to the policies adopted by colonial officials. Related to these issues, is post-colonial Kenya's attempts to addresses the political developments, the involvement of different types of media in those developments, Kenya's foreign policy, and the problem of political party transition. Ultimately, there are topical issues that continue to affect Kenya which include the question of coalition politics, the lessons of the 2002 elections, the media and corruption, parliament and foreign policy, and Africa's relations with the United States of America.

ISBN 9789966792136 | 226 pages | 254 x 178mm | 2012 | University of Nairobi Press, Kenya | Paperback




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