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Healing Stings

Collected Poems

by Pepertua K. Nkamanyang

Healing Stings is an astonishing collection of poems that depict a society battling social, global and postcolonial challenges. Through a combination of terse and elegantly composed verse, this collection provides viable tools with which to overcome the hassles and possibly check the erosion of time-honoured moral values. Using the linguistic channels of distinction, perception and representation, the discourses of moods, subjectivity, atmosphere, generic hybridity amongst others, Healing Stings demonstrates that social ills like corruption, greed, intolerance, delinquency, chauvinism, gender-sensitive biases, and religious and cultural prejudices can be curbed and society made a better place. This is premised on the assumption that the right tools such as social dialogue, patriotism, love, tolerance, honesty, good governance, personal and communal creative initiatives, and the change of mentality should be harnessed for improvement, educating, mending, and governing. By changing our attitudes within the context of unity in diversity, we are guaranteed a set of resources that will bring about development, security, national unity and peace building.

ISBN 9781942876144 | 168 pages | 203 x 133mm | 2016 | Spears Media Press, Cameroon | Paperback




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