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Grace Sufficient

by David J. Randall

This biography of Elizabeth Mantell helps to fill a major gap in the literature on church and mission in Malawi. Women missionaries have been numerous and influential. Yet, on the whole, they have done their work without seeking or receiving much in the way of public recognition. The book will hold particular interest because of the period which it covers. Much has been written about the pioneering days of missionary work in Malawi, the 1875-1914 period. The book also makes an original contribution to the story of one of the famous centres of mission work in Malawi. Ekwendeni was among the first mission stations to be established and has continued to be prominent in the work of Livingstonia Synod right up to the present day. It has had a particular orientation to medical mission, the sphere in which Elizabeth found her forte.

ISBN 9789990887594 | 96 pages | 216 x 140 mm | 2009 | Kachere Series, Malawi | Paperback




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