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Good Governance and Development

Toward Quality Leadership in Kenya

edited by Kimani Njogu

Leadership has become of critical importance in the world. Terrorism, war in the Middle East, HIV/AIDS, environmental disasters resulting from global warming, glaring inequalities between rich and poor nations, religious fundamentalism, trafficking of drugs and other issues have made it imperative that a global leadership committed to dialogue across cultures and nations be given a space to articulate itself. Within Africa, a leadership that will spearhead social and economic development through good governance, public participation, accountability and transparency is urgently needed.

Using Kenya as a case-study to mirror other African countries this book interrogates the phenomenon of leadership, within and without the political domain. It raises major issues related to constitutionalism, economic development, religion, women's rights, youth and people with disabilities. This book is an important contribution to the debate and the imagining of what it means to have an alternative and transformational mode of leadership in Africa today.

ISBN 9789966974358 | 260 pages | 229 x 152 mm | 2007 | Twaweza Communications, Kenya | Paperback




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