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God was African

by John Nkemngong Nkengasong

When Kendem, a varsity instructor, returns to his native Lewoh countryside where he spent his childhood, he is seeking relief from the complexity of human civilization after attending the Fulbright Institute in the United States. Instead, he is confronted with two seething issues: how to reveal to his sick and troubled mother the situation in which he finds his elder brother, the successor of Mbe Tanju-Ngong's household, who travelled to the United States many years before and had never returned and the dispute over Fuo Beyano's funeral which is tearing the land apart, whether the deceased village chief, should be given a Christian burial or he should, according to the age-old tradition of Lewoh people, go through a ritual to enable him return and continue ruling his people.

ISBN 9789956792405 | 294 pages | 216 x 140mm | 2014 | Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon | Paperback



“In this exciting and deeply engaging novel Nkengasong presents the experiences of a questing hero who engages in a mythic struggle within the limits of human consciousness.”

Kashim Ibrahim Tala, Emeritus Professor of African Literature, University of Buea, Cameroon

“Nkengasong shows ingenuity in conceiving the narrative point of view, focalised essentially from the text’s central consciousness…”

Shadrach Ambanasom, Professor of African Literature, University of Bamenda, Cameroon



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