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Globalization Demystified

Africa's Possible Development Futures

by Severine M. Rugumamu

This succinct and balanced monograph critically examines Africa's integration - or lack thereof - into the global capitalist system. From historical and interdisciplinary perspectives, it considers how encounters between structurally unequal economies and institutions have shaped the continent's past and exacerbated the exploitation and abject poverty suffered by the majority.

Rugumamu analyses how Africa's continued marginalisation stems from the expanding and increasingly divergent international trading and investment systems, and disparities in technological progress. He counters orthodox neo-liberal arguments and unquestioned assumptions of failure to integrate into the world economy. Instead the author asserts that Africa has been asymmetrically integrated into the world economy from the beginnings of modern history, and that the march of global capitalism is further undermining the continent's ability to negotiate a more beneficial position.

The author proposes alternatives of collective self-determination, democratically negotiated to empower the under- represented sections of society; but warns that such steps would require new modes of political and economic organisation and structural changes to established patterns.

ISBN 9789976604160 | 256 pages | 229 x 152 mm | 2005 | Dar es Salaam University Press, Tanzania | Paperback




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