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Globalization, Democracy and Development in Africa

Challenges and Prospects

edited by Taye Assefa

The editors present, with reference to Africa, an introductory historical overview of the development of globalisation as an economic and cultural phenomenon, and a condition of the modern world; an understanding of which, must shape and control our understanding of economic and cultural development. The presumption of many of the contributors in their criticisms and suggestions of how to harness globalisation for Africa's benefit, is that globalisation is a 'two-edged sword', and source of 'dynamic disequilibrium', because however you regard it, the least economically developed countries are losing in social and economic terms.

Half the book is given to socio-economic/political themes/case studies, for example, globalisation and the competitveness of African enterprise; sustainable development and debt; Zimbabwe 1990-1999; and globalisation of the world economy, and a case study of its implications for the Sudanese import- substitution manufacturing industry. The rest of the the book is concerned with globalisation and environmental, cultural, education and gender issues; for example, globalisation and indigenous environmental knowledge in Ethiopia; the westernisation of the role of women in house construction in Botswana; and linguistic nationalism and the discourse of globalisation.

ISBN 9780952126942 | 396 pages | 229 x 152 mm | 2002 | Organisation for Social Science Research, Ethiopia | Paperback




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