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From #RhodesMustFall Movements to #HumansMustFall Movements

African Liberation Movements in the Age of the Transhumanist Geographies of Death

edited by Bornway Mwanyara Chiripanhura, Artwell Nhemachena, Jairos Kangira

Might it be possible that the world is being migrated into an era where the imperial periphery will be increasingly governed through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics designed to replace human beings? Celebrated as efficient, strong, unfailing, tireless, precise and beyond corruption, AI and robots are set to replace African leaders who are imperially deemed to be and consistently condemned as corrupt, failed, weak and inefficient. But, if these AI and robots are neo-imperial tools and machinations, the million-dollar question is whether empire is not returning to recolonise the [supposedly inefficient] Africans via the new technologies and machinism? Where Africans once celebrated their liberation war movements, empire has emplaced what it calls liberation technologies designed to supposedly liberate African youths from their own states and governments led by liberation movements. Where Africans once celebrated their liberation war movements, empire has placed its own NGOs/CSOs spewing liberal ideologies designed to ostensibly liberate African youths from their own supposedly failed and corrupt states and government leaders. With African youths/citizens allying not with their liberation movements but with the liberation technologies and liberal NGOs/CSOs, it is not surprising why African citizens oppose their states-led Fast-Track Land Redistribution Programmes while ironically they happily celebrate Fast-Tracked COVID-19 Vaccines. Positing the notion of #HumansMustFall movements, this book underscores ways in which empire is in a process of eternal return to 21st century Africa. The book is crucial for scholars and activists in political science, government studies, sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, history, languages and communication studies, security studies, military studies and development studies.

ISBN 9789956551941 | 528 pages | 229 x 152mm | 2021 | Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon | Paperback




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