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Fistula Diaries

by Westone Khisa

Fistula Diaries gives an account of women living with fistula, before and after surgery. Almost eradicated in some countries this books highlights the global inequities in women's healthcare. Written in narrative form the authors present captivating stories of women who have journeyed with fistula in their private and public lives, health care providers also relate their experiences working in this unique field. In addition to the physical pain that women experience, an obstetric fistula impacts on social relationships, economic stability, and psychological well-being, the book also offers practical advice on how to care for women as soon as fistula develops. It also acts as a prompt for deeper discussions on how to support women holistically. It is a powerful and essential book for everyone including clinicians, psychologists and social scientists working in sexual and reproductive healthcare, maternal health policy makers and educationalists.

ISBN 9789966634429 | 146 pages | 234 x 156mm | 2022 | Moran Publishers, Kenya | Paperback




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