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Farming Ashes

Tales of Agony and Resilience

edited by Violet Barungi, Hilda Twongyeirwe

The traumatised woman who dies of grief, the girl whose dream to become a doctor is thwarted, the little girl who raises a vulnerable family of little children because her parents and all her relatives have been killed by LRA rebels, and many other harrowing tales comprise this collection of Farming Ashes.

These are real life experiences told by women of Northern Uganda about the atrocities that they have endured for over two decades at the hands of the notorious rebel leader, Joseph Kony and his vicious lieutenants. Farming Ashes offers cogent and explosive tales of the LRA exploits that are disturbing and baffling in the extreme and leave the reader asking the question: 'Why?' and longing for 'the world of no war', as one of the storytellers puts it.

ISBN 9789970700202 | 118 pages | 210 x 148 mm | 2009 | Femrite Publications, Uganda | Paperback


eBook ISBN: 9789970700288



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