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Ethiopia's Wildlife Treasures

by Håkan Pohlstrand

Ethiopia is a treasure trove of wildlife secrets that are to be discovered, marvelled and preserved. The diversity of mammals and birds have evolved because of the unique geographic conditions of the land: highland  forests, lofty plateaus, dense jungles, fertile valleys, parches pans, and the Great Rift Valley that splits the country in the middle. Ethiopia is a huge country with rare animals such as the elusive Dibatag and the endemic Walia Ibex. Nearly every year, a new species is discovered. Recognition and appreciation of the diversity and extraordinary number of endemics in Ethiopia is needed to keep these treasures for future generations. Understanding and finding a healthy balance between the needs for habitat preservation for wildlife as well as human populations is an important key if Ethiopia has hopes of keeping her treasures.

ISBN 9789994463831 | 220 pages | 290 x 290 | Colour Photographs | 2019 | Shama Books, Ethiopia | Paperback




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