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Emerging Trends in Nigerian Art Music Composition and Performance

by Oghenemudiakevwe Igbi

Nigeria brims with an array of art musicians who have endeavoured to create and perform art music using traditional compositional nuances and performance practices. In a clime where other musical styles seem to thrive more than art music, Nigerian composers are always on the lookout for fresh ideas and techniques in their creative endeavours, in pursuance of sundry objectives. As a dynamic art, music composition and performance continue to evolve and offer themselves to an extensive range of creative dimensions. Hence, it becomes imperative to be acquainted with such emerging trends, in furtherance of the course for the actualisation of an authentic Nigerian art music identity. The book is a compendium of twenty-one articles by eminent Nigerian music scholars. Divided into three sections, the book is not only targeted at illuminating the minds of its readers, but is also a scholarly literature that interrogates and unearths some of the emerging developments in the field of music. The chapters contained herein dwell on a variety of issues in the art from different viewpoints of art music composition, composers, art music performance or practices, African music, popular music and music education.

ISBN 9789786061795 | 460 pages | 234x156mm | 2024 | Malthouse Press, Nigeria | Paperback




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