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Elikabani Leli Phutha?

Umdlalo womsakazo obhalelwe ukufundwa nje

by SA Ntombela

He having witnessed many shocking incidents while working at different institutions with different people, the author indirectly discloses some of the incidents that are planned and executed by enemies of education. For example, it is not a myth that teachers do indirectly and directly fight for senior positions. Owing to these conflicts some die, while casualties remain with big scars for the rest of their lives. This drama is very important to teachers who are facing similar trials at their schools. It alerts future principals about certain challenges awaiting them. Student teachers at universities have an opportunity of knowing more about the career path they have chosen so that they prepare for the worse in the future. Parents have an opportunity of knowing more about challenges facing children, teachers, principals, district officials and other stake-holders. Even armchair critics will understand the situation better when they see GG cars moving to and from schools on daily basis.

ISBN 9780639809540 | 394 pages | 254 x 178mm | 2019 | Bhiyoza Publishers , South Africa | Paperback


eBook ISBN: 9781928538264



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