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Education of the Deprived

Anglophone Cameroon Literary Drama

by Shadrach Ambanasom

Education of the Deprived is a perceptive socio-artistic examination of the key works of some major writers of Anglophone Cameroon literary drama today. For over two decades now socio-political developments in Cameroon, including the liberalization of the press, have led to an unprecedented proliferation of political, journalistic and imaginative writings. Availing themselves of their new-found freedom of expression, Cameroonians in general are forcefully articulating their views more than even before, and creative writers, in particular, are artistically recording intimate and painful experiences in the on-going endeavour to make sense of the socio-political environment; they are mapping out, through images and symbols, the peculiar contour of the collective Cameroonian soul. What observers have noticed, with regard to Anglophone Cameroon imaginative writing, however, is that there are few significant critical works to match the burgeoning creative literature. While in the 1970s there was a cry concerning the scarcity of imaginative works by Anglophone Cameroonians, the complaint now, at the turn of the 21st century, is that there is a dearth of critical literature capable of catapulting, on to the international literary scene, the Anglophone Cameroon literature being written. This book covers both traditional and modern drama as written by Anglophones, lays bare the technical differences between the two dramatic traditions, and brings out the central themes developed by these committed dramatists.

ISBN 9789956616572 | 148 pages | 216mm x 140mm | 2010 | Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon | Paperback



"It is an important contribution to (until recently) a badly neglected field."

Professor Chris Dunton, National University of Lesotho

"Education of the Deprived is most refreshing in its critical muscularity and interpretative horizons. …lucid and even provocative."

Bate Besong University of Buea, Cameroon



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