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Education and Employment in Southern Africa

Defusing the Time-Bomb?

edited by Foundation for Education with Production

A Seminar on Education and Training of Employment and Employment Creation in the SADCC countries was held in Zimbabwe in 1989, sponsored by the Zimbabwe Ministry of Education, the Dag Hammarsjkold Foundation, and the International Foundation for Education with Production. This report presents the full proceedings and resolutions, including the text of the opening and closing addresses, and the co-directors overview and report on participants' evaluations. The body of the report covers the anatomy ofunemployment; education for what?; where to go from here; coordination ofmulti-sectoral planning, and financial implications; and regional cooperation.

ISBN 9789991200224 | 340 pages | 216 x 140 mm | 1990 | Foundation for Education with Production, Zimbabwe | Paperback




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