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Dick Fehnel: Lessons from Gravers School

by Richard A Fehnel

Dick Fehnel worked as higher education consultant for the World Bank, Ford Foundation and the Human Sciences Research Council. He held the positions of acting representative (1998-1999) and programme officer (1993-2000) for the Ford Foundation, Southern Africa, after which he semi-retired to Portland, Oregon, and continued to travel and consult until his death in May 2006. The transformation of South African higher education became his raison d'Ítre in the last stage of his career. He loved participating in debates and seminars, and was always responsive to funding requests for urgent transformation issues pertaining to the emerging new system. Dick did not leave himself enough time to finish the last project of his career (perhaps an unintended lesson for us). During the period leading up to his "ultimate deadline" (two to four weeks according to his doctor), Dick dictated his thoughts while his wife, Dorene, transcribed, completing a full circle from the start of their courtship, when she used to type his term papers. The lack of time deprived Dick of one of his favorite activities - reflections leading to lessons.

ISBN 9781920355043 | 192 pages | 229mm x 152mm | 2009 | African Minds Publishers, South Africa | Paperback




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