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Design of Appropriate Agroforestry Intervention in Uganda

Agrofestry In-Service Training Manual

edited by Jacob Godfrey Agea, Sara Namirembe, Mohamed Bukenya, Ahamada Zziwa

The design of appropriate agroforesty intervention in Uganda has the potential to improve farmer’s livelihoods in line with the national Plan for Modernisation of Agriculture; and district forest services within the decentralised government framework, enable service providers to promote appropriate agroforestry interventions depending on local conditions. It was against this background that this manual was developed. A training needs assessment revealed that extension staff were few and did not have sufficient understanding of the potential gains and pitfalls to adequately advise farmers on a case by case basis.

ISBN 9789970026777 | 121 pages | 229 x 152 mm | 2007 | Fountain Publishers, Uganda | Paperback




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