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Death and the King’s Grey Hair

and Other Plays

by Denja Abdullahi

Death and the King’s Grey Hair and Other Plays is a collection of three plays, ‘Death and the King’s Grey Hair,’ ‘Truce with the Devil,’ and ‘Fringe Benefits,’ which are all experimental plays from the early period of the writing career of Denja Abdullahi, who is presently renowned as a poet of populist expressions. ‘Death and the King’s Grey Hair’ examines the use and misuse of absolute power based on an ancient Jukun myth of young kings and short reigns. ‘Truce with the Devil’ is a satire on the later abandonment of the creed of Marxism by its adherents, a kind of mockery of turncoat revolutionaries in the grip of practical social realities. ‘Fringe Benefits’, a radio play, is an expose of the happening in Nigeria’s ivory towers, seen from the eyes of a participant-observer.

ISBN 9789789181667 | 108 pages | 210 x 148 mm | 2014 | Kraft Books, Nigeria | Paperback




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