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by Niyi Osundare

A new collection of poetry from one of Africa's great contemporary poets. A multi-award winner, Niyi Osundare presents the poems in three parts. "Children of the Week" presents poems for each day of the week - positing what are the real names of the children of the week? What are their peculiar characteristics and inclinations? What do they do to the passing of time? What dust is raised by their fleeting feet? And how do they manage their caravan of moments? In this unusual drama, every day is a character, vibrant and fabulously humanised. Myth and music enhance the poets; each day tells is own story in a lyrical ahnd powerfully evocative voice. The second part is one long poem "Some days"; and the third part covers Special Days.

ISBN 9789780810672 | 128 pages | 203 x 127 mm | 2008 | HEBN Publishers, Nigeria | Paperback




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