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Culture and Education in Nigeria

An Historical Analysis

by Samuel Obidi

The primary interests of this work are the links between society and culture; indigenous education and culture; and cultural diversity and western education. Education and culture in Nigeria are situated in historical context, and against a background of a rapidly globalising world, where cultures are drawing close to one another, and the need for tolerance of diversity is paramount.

The study is concerned with preserving and transmitting indigenous culture: the traditional family, modes of social and economic organisation, religious life and moral education; the spread of western education from the nineteenth century; contemporary western cultural hegemony; indigenous and western cultural values; the spread of Arabic cultures, Islam and Islamic education in Nigeria; and means of integrating the various cultural heritages for a sustainable future.

ISBN 9789780309428 | 284 pages | 203 x 127 mm | 2005 | University Press, Nigeria, Nigeria | Paperback




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